Struct OfxPlugin

struct OfxPlugin

The structure that defines a plug-in to a host.

This structure is the first element in any plug-in structure using the OFX plug-in architecture. By examining its members a host can determine the API that the plug-in implements, the version of that API, its name and version.

For details see Architecture.

Public Members

const char *pluginApi

Defines the type of the plug-in, this will tell the host what the plug-in does. e.g.: an image effects plug-in would be a “OfxImageEffectPlugin”

int apiVersion

Defines the version of the pluginApi that this plug-in implements

const char *pluginIdentifier

String that uniquely labels the plug-in among all plug-ins that implement an API. It need not necessarily be human sensible, however the preference is to use reverse internet domain name of the developer, followed by a ‘.’ then by a name that represents the plug-in.. It must be a legal ASCII string and have no whitespace in the name and no non printing chars. For example “”

unsigned int pluginVersionMajor

Major version of this plug-in, this gets incremented when backwards compatibility is broken.

unsigned int pluginVersionMinor

Major version of this plug-in, this gets incremented when software is changed, but does not break backwards compatibility.

void (*setHost)(OfxHost *host)

Function the host uses to connect the plug-in to the host’s api fetcher.

  • fetchApi pointer to host’s API fetcher

Mandatory function.

The very first function called in a plug-in. The plug-in must not call any OFX functions within this, it must only set its local copy of the host pointer.

It is recommended that hosts should return the same host and suite pointers to all plugins in the same shared lib or bundle.


  • nothing else has been called


  • the pointer suite is valid until the plug-in is unloaded

OfxPluginEntryPoint *mainEntry

Main entry point for plug-ins.

Mandatory function.

The exact set of actions is determined by the plug-in API that is being implemented, however all plug-ins can perform several actions. For the list of actions consult OFX Actions.


  • setHost has been called