Struct OfxOpenCLProgramSuiteV1

struct OfxOpenCLProgramSuiteV1

OFX suite that allows a plug-in to get OpenCL programs compiled.

This is an optional suite the host can provide for building OpenCL programs for the plug-in, as an alternative to calling clCreateProgramWithSource / clBuildProgram. There are two advantages to doing this: The host can add flags (such as -cl-denorms-are-zero) to the build call, and may also cache program binaries for performance (however, if the source of the program or the OpenCL environment changes, the host must recompile so some mechanism such as hashing must be used).

Public Members

OfxStatus (*compileProgram)(const char *pszProgramSource, int fOptional, void *pResult)

Compiles the OpenCL program.