OpenFX Programming Guide

This is a mostly complete reference guide to the OFX image effect plugin architecture. It is a backwards compatible update to the 1.2 version of the API.

This directory tree contains a set of plugins and corresponding
guides which take you through the basics of the OFX
Image Effects Plugin API.

There are two sub-directories...
   - Code - which contains the example plugins source files,
   - Doc  - has a guide to each plugin.


The plugins and support libs are set up to use cmake to generate and run builds.
See the top-level in the repo, and use `scripts/`.


See the file Documentation/README, and use `Documentation/`.
The docs are also auto-generated on commit to the main branch on github.
This is a brief description of examples which could
do with being added to the Guides.

The following examples should be added to the guide.

OpenGL Overlay Example
A trivial example along the lines of the circle drawing example.

This will illustrate...
    - openGL overlays

Temporal Difference Example
Compute the absolute difference between images at two different times.

This will illustrate...
    - fetching images at separate times
    - the get frames needed action

Transition Example
A simple straight frame blend transition

This will illustrate...
   - the transition context

Custom Parameter
Something like the circle drawing plugin so that it has no double parameters, but only a single custom parameter, controlled via the overlay UI.

This will illustrate...
    - using custom parameters.

3x3 2D Filter
Does a variety of simple 2D filtering operations using a 3x3 window.

This will illustrate...
   - the get region of interest action

Analysis Plugin
The plugin will find the minimum and maximum value of a given frame in response to a push button, and store the values
into two parameters. During renders it will rescale pixel values so that 'min' is 0 and 'max' is the whitepoint.

This will illustrate...
    - writing to parameters in response to a button press outside of render.

Basic OpenGL Example
Behaviour to be determined.

This will illustrate the basics of rendering in OpenGL
Last Edit 11/11/14